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"P(inked)" Flamingo Charity Auction

How cool is that?

In May 2021, Rob and Eve Harris (owners of "Disappearing Inc.", a local tattoo removal business in Braintree, MA) organized an unusual campaign to raise money for racial injustice groups. Taking inspiration from the flamingos that were all over Boston's waterfront last year, they wanted to decorate their store's lawn with flamingos as well - and they would be covered in tattoos.

The couple approached 250 tattoo studios to talk to the artists about decorating some flamingos to be auctioned off for a charity event. Our Horikei inked a gnarly silver flamingo with an elegant dragon tattoo. Proceeds from the sale of the flamingos were donated to both Black Lives Matter and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Way to go Rob, Eve, Horikei and the other participating tattoo artists! 💪🏻💪💪🏿

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