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Kabuto Brand

Japanese Culture & Tattoos Inspired Clothing Brand



KabutoBrand X Horimyo 彫妙

不死侍魂 - Immortal Samurai Spirit

Special collaboration featuring new design by @Horikei617 's master in Japan 🇯🇵, @Horimyo sensei (彫妙)

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不死侍魂 - Immortal Samurai Spirit

Hate is toxic. Love & Tattoos unite the world.

Limited edition, design by @Horimyo

Special discharge printed on our signature super soft tees. Get your new fave t-shirt today.

Our "ikigai" ~ 生きがい

Kabuto is a Boston-based lifestyle streetwear brand that celebrates the samurai spirit and beauty of traditional Japanese tattoos.

Our "ikigai" (the motivating force that gives one purpose and a reason to exist) is to spread our passion for Japanese culture and tattoos and unite artists and people along the way. 

Our "big and bold" design style features authentic Japanese motifs by tattoo master and Kabuto co-founder Horikei that mimic the scale, shock and awe of Japanese full body tattoos. We wanted to recreate that powerful, confident feeling after completing a tattoo for each person when they put on one of our rad t-shirts.

Our high quality discharge printed shirts are made with premium, buttery soft fabrics and special “no feel” water-based inks. Meet your new go-to fav t-shirt 😃

彫妙 horimyo jewelry

宝輪スカル (Treasure Circle Skull) 💀💀💀

New skull jewelry designed by @Horimyo, 

Horkei's sensei in Japan 🇯🇵

Kabuto Brand x Tram Dieu Martinez

A tattoo fashion collaboration with a touch of individuality.

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